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Top 5 Free Movie Apps for iPad

Posted by Webber on August 1, 2013, 7:54 AM in Movie

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When you get an iPad, what will be the first thing you ever want to do? Besides installing some necessary apps on it, I think most of the users will download some movies for enjoyment. The Retina Display and the 9.7-inch screen are just perfect for watching movies. So just go ahead and watch your favorite movies on iPad.

But if you want to find some new movies for watching, what will you do? Searching the hot movies on the Internet? That's OK but don't you think it's a little complicated? If we can just find the movies on the iPad and then watch them, that will be the coolest thing. You can definitely find movies with iTunes and the here are millions of movies in the iTunes. But I would love to recommend you 5 free movie apps for iPad, and they will bring you convenience when you want to find the movies you want.

1. IMDb Movies & TV


This is the free version of iMDb for iPad. This app provides you the latest movie news and allows you to watch the trailers of the coming block-busters. The app also gives you a must-see movie list so that you can select the movies you want to watch from the list. The reviews of the movies or TVs will also be shown in the app, you can take a look and choose the one you like best to enjoy.

2. Crakle – Movies & TV

Crackle - Movies & TV

You are able to watch full-length movies or TV series with this iPad movie app. The app provides you hundreds of movies and TV series, but as it is free, some video ads will be shown in the app. For watching movies, you need to make your iPad connected with WiFi. You can also make and manage your own watchlist in the app or on their website.

3. Matcha


Matcha – Watch Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, HBO, Amazon, Xfinity and Find Movies & TV, well, its name is pretty long, and from the name, you can easily get to know the resources where you can find your favorite movies. You can search the movies in the app and it will find the one from all the main streaming movie services, then you are able to watch it. You are allowed to watch the trailers, reviews of the movies as well.

4. Screenslam


Screenslam – Movies, Trailers, TV & Interviews can be treated as one of the best movie apps for iPad, you are allowed to find many related information when you search the movie in the app. The app also provides the function of catching up with the latest information of the movies, and you are also allowed to watch the interviews about the movie.

5. Tunerfish


Tunerfish – Social TV and Movies is a free iPad movie app for iPad. The functions of the app are easy: searching the movies you want; tracking the latest news of the movies or TVs; and find the movies you want to watch with the watchlist. It is easy to use and you can find your favorite movies without difficulties.

These 5 free movie apps are selected from the Apprevels, you are able to find more apps for your iPad on it. I hope you can have fun with these apps.

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