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Top 5 Calendar Apps for iPhone

Posted by Webber on June 7, 2013, 6:33 AM in Calendar

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The calendar is one the basic applications in iPhone, it provides you the exact date and allows you to write notes in the calendar. But the problem is that this calendar is not that user-friendly, we should take much time to totally handle the skills of using it. Are there any user-friendly iPhone calendar apps? I would like the apps are easy to use and they'd better provide more functions which are helpful in my daily life.

After searching on the Internet, I finally find out some apps for my iPhone. These apps are easy to use and the functions are various. Now I'd like to show you these calendar apps for iPhone, and I hope they can be useful for your iPhone. If you are interested in this kind of apps, you can take a look at the App Store and you will find the best calendar apps for iPhone.

1. Guided Calendar

Guided Calendar

Guided Calendar is simple and easy to use. You are allowed to write the memos of your appointments, activities, meetings in the app. This app just has simple functions and doesn't take much storage space of your iPhone, so if you are a simple person who just wants a simple calendar app, this will be one of the best calendar apps for you.

2. All in One Calendar

All in One Calendar

From the name of the All in One Calendar, you are able to find out how powerful this app is. The All in One Calendar app provides you a variety of kinds of calendars, Hebrew Calendar, Islamic Civil Calendar, Islamic Calendar, and Buddhist Calendar are included. If you are in need of these calendars, this app will be helpful.

3. Call Meet Calendar

Call Meet Calendar

Call Meet Calendar Lite is a very useful calendar app in our daily lives. The main function of this app is that you can set up the exact date and time to call your friends, families and customers. The Call Meet Calendar will remind you of the notes on the exact time whether you are using other apps or the iPhone is standby. The paid version has more powerful function, but you can try the free version first and check out whether it is right for you.

4. Calendar US

Calendar US

Calendar US is an app that reminds you of the coming holidays in natural calendar style, and you can add memos into the calendar for important meetings, appointments and so on. In Calendar US, you will get to know the details of a holiday besides name and date, those who are interested in American history and life style may find this app helpful.

5. RainbowNote


RainbowNote: notebook/diaries with photo calendar is a multifunctional calendar app which lets you put photos and maps in the note; you can also organize the notes in your iPhone, searching notes by keywords are permitted. With Rainbow Note, your calendar will be full of your life, and the sweet memories can be kept in your iPhone for long.

These 5 calendar apps are not just simple calendars, because they provide users new feelings of using a calendar on iPhone, users are not only able to get the exact date on the iPhone, but also learn more about the American history or keep the sweet memories in iPhone. Those are the most important things that the calendar apps give users. If you don't just want to check the date, you can try the apps above.

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