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Top 10 Halloween Wallpaper Apps for iPad

Posted by Webber on September 29, 2013, 5:14 AM in Halloween Wallpapers

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The Halloween 2013 is approaching. Besides beautiful costumes, scary masks and the candies for kids, what else will you prepare? Attending parties or watching a Halloween movie in the cinema? All of these activities are cool but have been common on this classic holiday. Although Halloween is not a federal holiday and not all countries celebrate it, Halloween is still fun and enjoyable. The trick-or-treating is loved by kids because they will get enough candies for the next whole week. But if the Halloween is only full of these activities, that will be too old-fashioned.

If you are an iPad user, you may have been used to taking your iPad along with you to do all kinds of stuffs. Watching movies, reading books or playing games is convenient with iPad, but the wallpapers of iPad are usually not changed because users always cannot find the wallpapers they love. But on this Halloween 2013, if you want to make your iPad more attractive, you can download some beautiful Halloween wallpapers for your iPad. You can make your iPad full of your own style with the Halloween wallpapers, and at that night, your iPad will be absolutely attractive.

This post will introduce 10 best Halloween wallpaper apps for iPad from AppRevels, if you are interested in the Halloween wallpapers, you can check the post out.

1. Halloween Wallpapers

Halloween Wallpapers

This Halloween wallpaper app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is a cool wallpaper app that provides you various kinds of wallpapers. With this app, you are able to make your iPad special and attractive.

2. Freaky Halloween Wallpapers

Freaky Halloween Wallpapers

This Hallow wallpaper app works both on iPhone and iPad. Users are able to choose their favorite images as their iPad wallpapers. This app provides many fashionable Halloween wallpapers to choose.

3. Best Halloween Wallpapers Collection

Best Halloween Wallpapers Collection

This iPad wallpaper app provides 100 iPad Halloween wallpapers for free. The wallpapers are all in high quality and they are up-to-date. You can decorate your iPad with these wallpapers with ease, and you can also share these wallpapers with others.

4. Halloween – Slideshow & Wallpapers

Halloween - Slideshow & Wallpapers

This iPad wallpaper app offers some carefully selected built-in wallpapers and slide shows for adults and children. Adults can use the images or slideshows as their iPad wallpapers, and they can also have fun with their children with the built-in small games.

5. Amazing Halloween HD Wallpapers

Amazing Halloween HD Wallpapers

This Halloween wallpaper app for iPad provides users wallpapers of Halloween costumes and pumpkins. Users are able to select their favorite ones as the wallpapers. Users can explore more scary wallpapers within the app.

6. Amazing Halloween Game and Wallpapers HD – Free

Amazing Halloween Game and Wallpapers HD - Free

This Halloween wallpaper app for iPad combines the Halloween wallpapers and games into one app. This app provides more than 150 wallpapers and 750 games. Users are not only able to decorate their iPads, but also able to have fun with the small games.

7. Halloween Wallpapers √

Halloween Wallpapers √

This iPad Halloween wallpaper app is powerful. It provides 10,000 wallpapers and this app supports the wallpaper searching function within the app. Users are able to find their favorite Halloween wallpapers in this app.

8. Halloween Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Halloween Wallpapers & Backgrounds

This app also offers various kinds of wallpapers. It is not that complex to use, users only need to install this app on iPad and download the wallpapers in the app, then apply the wallpapers on the iPad. With this app, users will find it pretty easy to find the best Halloween wallpaper.

9. Halloween Wallpapers HQ

Halloween Wallpapers HQ

This Halloween Wallpaper app for iPad is totally free, but it provides hundreds of HD wallpapers. iPad users will love this app because they can easily find their favorite Halloween wallpapers. Also, users are able to share the wallpapers with their friends so that more people can have the wonderful wallpapers.

10. Happy Halloween HD Wallpapers

Happy Halloween HD Wallpapers

This iPad wallpaper app is full of fun. The wallpapers it provides are all high-quality images and the wallpapers are easy to be uploaded in the app. Users can find their favorite Halloween wallpapers with no efforts.

These Halloween wallpapers apps for iPad are all easy to use. As Halloween is coming, I think you will like these apps in this Halloween season!

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