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10 Best Business Apps for iPad

Posted by Webber on July 10, 2013, 12:26 PM in Business

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When it comes to best business apps for iPad, it will be a very big topic. For some iPad users, they business apps for getting latest news of business or stocks; for some, they want the iPad be helpful with some daily issues like calculating, alarming or social networks; some need business guidance and suggestions. Therefore, I select 10 best business apps for iPad which provide different kinds of help for your business life. I hope they can be helpful for you.

1. Fox Business News for iPad

Fox Business for iPad

Businessmen may not spend much time reading the box news, so a business news reader app for iPad may be useful. Like this Fox Business News for iPad, it provides all kinds of first-hand business news all over the world. Get the latest news may do a favor to your business and the videos of the trading day may let you know more about the market.

2. Business Excellence 36

Business Excellence

This is a business strategy app for iPad. This app provides more than simple negotiation skills in business, it helps you to extend your horizon of your business and provide suggestions when you get stuck in your business. The app has other functions like 36 stratagems and 8 negotiation strategies. The app is helpful for you to train yourself for your business planning, negotiation and analysis.

3. HiCalc Business Calculator

HiCalc Business Calculator

This app will be useful for businessmen who use calculators a lot. As a powerful calculator on iPad, this app will bring you all functions a real calculator may have and moreover, HiCalc has a function of fast currency conversion for more than 150 currencies. With this app, you are able to calculate with ease and don't have to worry about the foreign money exchange.

4. World Alarm Clock Pro for iPad

World Alarm Clock Pro for iPad

This app may be helpful for the businessmen with foreign trades. It provides the local time and three other clocks: New York, London and Tokyo. For the businessmen who are always on the way abroad, the clocks and alarms will bring you convenience for handling your plan in a foreign country.

5. GPS Log


For a businessman who waste time in finding destination, GPS Log is definitely a must have on your iPad. Wherever you are heading, to meet your customer in a downtown Starbucks or to find out a company in another country, this GPS Log helps you to find the destination. It will be better if your iPad has a GPS configuration and the GPS Log will make location accurate.

6. Skype for iPad

Skype for iPad

Skype may have been a popular app for iPad. Most businessmen use this app to communicate with their customers. This instant communicating app for iPad allows you to send messages and make voice or video calls.

7. Facebook


This app for businessmen is not necessary for too much introduction. It is fun to keep in touch with friends on Facebook, and sharing photos or videos of your business trip will be more fun. Just like the PC edition, Facebook for iPad provides same functions on iPad.

8. Quickoffice Pro

Quickoffice for iPad

People may be familiar with this name. The iPad edition allows users view and edit document files like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint with ease. Businessmen may use this app a lot if they have lot of documents to read.

9. PDF Reader

PDF Reader

PDF files are now being widely used. Businessmen are using this kind of files to view and sign the files. So a businessman may need this app for his/her iPad. PDF files will also be used for showing pictures or charts, so it will be easy for you to read the PDF files on iPad if you own this app.

10. iThoughtsHD


Brainstorming is useful in business. But you'll never want to lose any idea you come up with. This app for iPad is for you to organize your mindmap and show out all your ideas and thoughts. You are also able to import your former mindmap into the app to view and edit it.
P.S. All the apps mentioned are selected from Apprevels. Find more if you are interested!

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